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Let’s BE That Change!

If we want to live in a world where truth matters, where equal opportunity matters, where preserving our soil, our water, our basis for living, matters, we need to be honest to the core of our being.

We need to speak the truth about ourselves, about our own experiences, about how we feel. We need to stop spreading and feeding into the poison that fear-based propaganda is. We need to focus, wholeheartedly, on cleaning up our own, distorted, world views and make sure we come from a place of love and integrity with every single word we speak and type and sing and act on.

When we take 100% responsibility for how we feel and act, when we heal the internal wounds that are so easily triggered by external factors, when we stop projecting our feelings of hurt and anger and fear and instead channel all those feelings into a conscious, loving commitment to positive change, then and only then will we see the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s BE that change!

Honoring the Victims of War

We must remember to whom we owe our freedom. We must remember that freedom itself is a privilege. We must remember those who die for the cause of freedom. We must remember to lend a helping hand, so that those who wants freedom can achieve it. And we must make sure that the freedom that we enjoy in our so-called civilized corner of the world is not in any way based on the suffering of others.

Tomorrow, I will sing and play my heart out with cellist Elisa Herbig and refugee kids, to commemorate those who died in an attempt to find refuge from war. Feel free to bring a rose and join us, if you are anywhere near the vicinity of Åmål, Sweden. If you are too far away, feel free to join us in song, prayer or meditation. We will meet at 7PM, behind the old church, down by the water.


Creative Artistry Versus Senseless Killings

Today is the anniversary of a lonely man’s senseless killings in Norway. It is interesting to me how such an extreme expression can generate such interest for so many all over the world. What is it with us humans that make us pay so much more attention to a single act of violence than a multitude of loving gestures, such as healing and creative artistry?

Is it our survival instincts kicking in or an ancient thirst for blood? Or are we paying attention simply because we have already risen to a higher consciousness as society and are intrigued by those who appear to be stuck in past realms of being and interacting? Will their primitive sense of power dissipate as we loose interest and thus stop feeding them our fear based energy?

I am reading a wonderful book at the moment, titled “A Discovery of Witches“, written by Deborah Harkness. It’s an exploratory adventure of historical literature and alchemy, where witches, vampires and daemons are being forced to work together for the common good, and in the process, they are learning to respect and accept each others’ abilities and differences. Highly recommended!

For the next seven days, I’ll be staying at the House of Songs in Austin, Texas, thoroughly enjoying the amazing live music scene while enduring intense heat and humidity. The latter being not being the easiest task for a freckle faced Norwegian. Temporarily saved by the cool air conditioner at Starbucks, new songs are willing their way onto the paper in front of me, aided by the sweetness of my new love and the memory of the one I lost…

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Words and Music written by Caroline Waters.
©2012 by Caroline Waters. All Rights Reserved.

If you were here with me now
Would you tell me to swing low

Would you yell at me for dropping the ball
Would you smile at me for standing tall
Or would you just listen, sweet and tender
While I release it all in reckless surrender

Would you tell me to hurry or slow down instead
Would you ask me to come out and play outside of my head
If you were here with me now, somehow…
Would you ask me to swing low

Would you simply observe, in your usual way
Things that might appear to sway
Left of center, less than perfect, curiously odd at first
Seeing how the magic stay between the lines
Intensely increasing, like a vampire’s thirst

Would you smile like only you can do
And illuminate the room with your laughter
Would angels appear right next to you
Singing songs of the hereafter

Would I cry or laugh or count to ten
Or open wide to my perception
As you fill my heart all over again
With the knowing of our connection

Would you hold me in your gaze
Until I found my true existence
Or would you trust me with my own grace
To know the value of persistence

If you were here with me now
Would we let the curtain fall
Or would we simply be still
and savor, savor, savor the awe of it all

The Challenge of Treating Each Other with Courtesy and Respect

Speaking my mind on the treatment of a serial killer

As I ventured to my favorite Starbucks, and happened to sit down next to an ultra conservative, self proclaimed Christian, I made the “mistake” of mentioning in conversation, to the person sitting across from me, that I thought it was a good thing that the court system in Norway was treating Anders Behring Breivik, the serial killer, with courtesy and respect in their proceedings.

Being challenged

The guy next to me just simply took off, raising his voice and saying things like, “Who are you to forgive? Who gave you that right?” And then he proceeded to tell me about his grand mother who was raped and murdered by someone who “only” served fifteen years in prison and is a free man today. Clearly, there were some unresolved feelings on his part. Since I recognized the pain underlying his statement, I actively listened with a compassionate heart, yet maintained my position; that I believed we could only heal this kind of violence by holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Feeling powerless

The saddest thing to me was that he seemed completely unable to hear anything other than what might be fueling his rage. He just continued to ramble on about “what the bastards deserve is to get raped and killed themselves… an eye for an eye..” etc. “Wouldn’t that just turn the rest of us into monsters?” I asked, but that only served to fuel his anger even more. When I asked him his name he wouldn’t give it. When I told him that I was sorry I made him upset and that that was not my intention, he said “Shut up and leave me alone! I don’t want to talk with you!” So, as he continued to ask me questions in an accusatory manner, but not wanting to hear any answers, I felt I had no choice but to leave.

Adding perspective

The person across from me, who had witnessed the whole thing, said not to take it personally, that this guy always worked himself up over other people’s statements. He even said the guy might even end up killing someone in a rage one day, just because of his lack of ability to listen to other people’s point of view. No pun intended. This, of course, gave me pause.

It made me sad that I had to leave. It made me feel powerless over the situation. I really wanted for us to come to some kind of understanding, even if it meant to agree not to agree. And it made me realize how upsetting it is to me when people choose their anger and righteous claim to whatever their point of view is, rather than being open to civilized debate. It saddens me when people shut down, for whatever reason, instead of opening to communication and to widening their perspective.

Finding a solution

How can we contribute to that wider perspective in our communication without fueling the rage of those who cannot handle what we are trying to say? One answer could be that it simply isn’t possible, that one person’s expansion might more often than not contain someone else’s trigger.

I know all too well that I cannot please everyone, that I certainly cannot control anyone’s choice of expression and that when I choose to take a stand in a public space, I am vulnerable to the wrath of those who oppose my view.

As a performing artist, author, composer, Vocal Freedom coach and keynote speaker, I am on a mission to empower people to their heartfelt expression. The tricky part is, as healthy as I believe it is to express angry as well as joyous notions, to channel these expression in ways that honor our co-creative efforts.

Learning from the actions of a serial killer

Anders Behring Breivik thought it necessary to kill in order to get his point across. He said he felt unheard and disrespected in his previous attempts to communicate in a “more civilized” manner. This is a powerful statement, from someone who, however misguided and delusional, was able to carry out one of the worst terrorist attacks in modern history.

To listen without prejudice

I have made a vow, to listen without prejudice as much as I can, to those who happen to cross my path. We all need to be heard, seen and validated in order to survive and thrive and make our best contribution on this planet. And our contrasting perspectives are what makes us learn and grow and expand.

Imagine what we could co-create if we were to treat each other as if we sang in a choir together or played in a symphony orchestra. Each of us truly appreciating the different timbres, notes and expressions of our different instruments and how they blend together in harmony when we practice listening to each other as a whole and at the same time hone our own instrument and how we can play our part so that it supports the overall sound as intended.

Love and Blessings, Caroline

It’s Hard to Believe

It’s hard to fathom that the killer who bombed, shot and killed 76 of my fellow countrymen, women and children went to my high school, got confirmed at my church, grew up in my neighborhood, etc. It’s hard to put my brain around the fact that one of the worst mass murderers of our time is not one of “them”, but one of “us”. This fact alone has made me examine my thoughts, feelings and motives in depth. For this I am grateful. It is far too easy to point fingers and blame others when we can separate ourselves from the perpetrator, in looks, religion, ideology and so forth.

Hopefully, most of us will at this time choose to take a closer look at how we contribute to our community and society at large, in thoughts, ideas, words and physical action. I believe that we are all connected in more ways than we can comprehend. I believe that we are all responsible for the world that we create and that includes the emotional and ideological climate that ignites hate crimes.

I believe that I have a responsibility for how I feel, how I think and how I act out those thoughts and emotions in relationship to other beings. It is my hope that as we as community learn how much we matter to each other and to the whole of society, as we learn that our individual thoughts and ideas and feelings make a difference, we will raise our mass consciousness to a level where massive healing and rejuvenation can take place.

Here’s a song I wrote when a dear friend told me that her mother was shot and killed. Crying and singing it has helped me through some of the overwhelming feelings of grief, loss and despair I have been feeling in the last couple weeks:

It’s Hard to Believe by Caroline Waters

It’s hard to believe
Such a horrid affair
It’s hard to conceive
There is blood everywhere
It’s hard to believe that she couldn’t run away

It’s hard to believe
Such a charming lad
It’s hard to conceive
He would go this mad
It’s hard to believe that she couldn’t run away

In one fell swoop you blew her away
In one fell swoop you made us all pay
In one fell swoop you killed us all
And you weren’t even man enough to take the fall

It’s hard to forgive
Such a horrid affair
It’s hard to forgive
When there’s blood everywhere
It’s hard to forgive that she couldn’t run away

In one fell swoop I’ve come to hate
Every single part of me that can relate
Every single part that reminds me of you
How could you do it, laddy, how could you?

In one fell swoop you blew her away
In one fell swoop you made us all pay
In one fell swoop you killed us all

Planetary Relief and Focused Intention

We are pummeled, on a daily basis now, with powerful images of the force of nature as She rains and shakes and shifts and overflows. We are also pummeled, on a daily basis, with powerful images of the force of people, as we unite in protest against tyranny and dictatorship, as we kill each other in the name of God and just cause, and as we cause major disasters in the name of capitalism and industrial progress.

The art of appreciation, focus and communication

How can we set the tone for a more harmonious co-creation? How can we empower each other to collaborate in the spirit of love? How can we allow ourselves to receive the good that abounds and let the energy of good vibrations reverberate into the world at large?

These are some of the main tools that help me stay focused and inspired:

Appreciation – Express what you appreciate as often as you can, in words and action, and bask in the feeling of that which you appreciate as you go about your day. Write it, sing it, speak it, show it in all kinds of ways you  can think of and watch how your perspective and the world around you transforms as a result.

Focus – Keep you eye on what it is you wish to accomplish, create, receive and avoid fear based distractions. Give your attention, time and energy to that which you love and want to see blossom and thrive. Do this with any scenario that has your attention and see what happens.

Communication – Share your strengths, vision and gifts in ways that gives you joy and feels good in your heart and soul. Ask for help when you need it and receive the love that abounds with open arms, also when it comes in unexpected ways.

These simple tools have helped me in more ways than I can describe. By keeping my eye on the ball, giving and receiving in the spirit of joy and heartfelt communication and practicing the art of appreciation as much as I can, I am able to stay positive and creative in the face of adversity and turmoil. By focusing on the positive aspects, I can see the beauty and creative potential in people and situations that otherwise would have scared me and inhibited my expression.

Here’s my song Did You Know as I performed it with cellist Erlend Habbestad at an amazing venue called Smöga in Sweden last summer:

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Peace in the Middle East

I am processing this morning’s newspaper articles about the Israeli violence in international waters… and thinking back to the huge gathering of people protesting in the streets of Oslo (Norway) yesterday, as my partner and I rode our bikes to the ocean, blissfully unaware of what was going on.

I was puzzled by the massive show of police around the Israeli embassy and by the intensity of the slogans. “The Israelis want to kill us all,” sounded loud and clear as we made our way through the castle park, starkly contrasting the colorful and harmonious array of people sun bathing and picnicking all around us. I didn’t think much of it, because we are used to people expressing their opinions in passionate measures in this city. Passionate, yet non-violent.

I am left feeling grateful to know from experience that peaceful coexistence with people of different cultures and preferences is more than possible. It creates amazing opportunities to grow and thrive as a society. How can we ease the fear of those who are ignorant of this fact? How can we encourage love, compassion, understanding, communication and forgiveness on a larger scale?

My good friend and brilliant writer/ actor/ teacher Brenda Adelman is doing her one-woman-show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, in London this summer and I am writing some of the music for it. Her show is about forgiveness and this lady knows what she is talking about. Her father murdered her mother and married her aunt. She spent many years teaching herself how to forgive and is now being a formidable coach for others who struggle with letting go of their anger toward themselves and others. She has a fabulous free newsletter also. Here’s her site:

Here’s a song I wrote for my own upcoming musical, Come Hell or High Waters. It’s not recorded yet, but I can give you the words for now. Enjoy!

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Words and Music by Caroline Waters

Did you know we’re the same you and I
Did you know, we can see eye to eye
Did you know, we can fly, you and I

Did you know, we are always free
To choose however we want it to be
And create all the magic we want to see

We’re perfect parts of each others creation
Brilliant extensions of our elation
We’re more than a mere manifestation
More like a convention of manifest intention

It’s all a dream of our construction
It’s all good, like tax deduction
Or like a really good film production

Did you know, there’s a pie in the sky
Did you know, there’s no real goodbye
Did you know, we can fly, you and I

We’re gonna make everything okay
There’s no limit to the power of our say
If we listen to our heart and stay
With the groove that it gives us day by day

Did you know, there’s a pie
Did you know, we can fly

©2010 by Caroline Waters. All Rights Reserved.