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Planetary Relief and Focused Intention

We are pummeled, on a daily basis now, with powerful images of the force of nature as She rains and shakes and shifts and overflows. We are also pummeled, on a daily basis, with powerful images of the force of people, as we unite in protest against tyranny and dictatorship, as we kill each other in the name of God and just cause, and as we cause major disasters in the name of capitalism and industrial progress.

The art of appreciation, focus and communication

How can we set the tone for a more harmonious co-creation? How can we empower each other to collaborate in the spirit of love? How can we allow ourselves to receive the good that abounds and let the energy of good vibrations reverberate into the world at large?

These are some of the main tools that help me stay focused and inspired:

Appreciation – Express what you appreciate as often as you can, in words and action, and bask in the feeling of that which you appreciate as you go about your day. Write it, sing it, speak it, show it in all kinds of ways you  can think of and watch how your perspective and the world around you transforms as a result.

Focus – Keep you eye on what it is you wish to accomplish, create, receive and avoid fear based distractions. Give your attention, time and energy to that which you love and want to see blossom and thrive. Do this with any scenario that has your attention and see what happens.

Communication – Share your strengths, vision and gifts in ways that gives you joy and feels good in your heart and soul. Ask for help when you need it and receive the love that abounds with open arms, also when it comes in unexpected ways.

These simple tools have helped me in more ways than I can describe. By keeping my eye on the ball, giving and receiving in the spirit of joy and heartfelt communication and practicing the art of appreciation as much as I can, I am able to stay positive and creative in the face of adversity and turmoil. By focusing on the positive aspects, I can see the beauty and creative potential in people and situations that otherwise would have scared me and inhibited my expression.

Here’s my song Did You Know as I performed it with cellist Erlend Habbestad at an amazing venue called Smöga in Sweden last summer:


Love and Blessings, Caroline

Peace in the Middle East

I am processing this morning’s newspaper articles about the Israeli violence in international waters… and thinking back to the huge gathering of people protesting in the streets of Oslo (Norway) yesterday, as my partner and I rode our bikes to the ocean, blissfully unaware of what was going on.

I was puzzled by the massive show of police around the Israeli embassy and by the intensity of the slogans. “The Israelis want to kill us all,” sounded loud and clear as we made our way through the castle park, starkly contrasting the colorful and harmonious array of people sun bathing and picnicking all around us. I didn’t think much of it, because we are used to people expressing their opinions in passionate measures in this city. Passionate, yet non-violent.

I am left feeling grateful to know from experience that peaceful coexistence with people of different cultures and preferences is more than possible. It creates amazing opportunities to grow and thrive as a society. How can we ease the fear of those who are ignorant of this fact? How can we encourage love, compassion, understanding, communication and forgiveness on a larger scale?

My good friend and brilliant writer/ actor/ teacher Brenda Adelman is doing her one-woman-show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, in London this summer and I am writing some of the music for it. Her show is about forgiveness and this lady knows what she is talking about. Her father murdered her mother and married her aunt. She spent many years teaching herself how to forgive and is now being a formidable coach for others who struggle with letting go of their anger toward themselves and others. She has a fabulous free newsletter also. Here’s her site: http://www.forgivenessandfreedom.com

Here’s a song I wrote for my own upcoming musical, Come Hell or High Waters. It’s not recorded yet, but I can give you the words for now. Enjoy!

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Words and Music by Caroline Waters

Did you know we’re the same you and I
Did you know, we can see eye to eye
Did you know, we can fly, you and I

Did you know, we are always free
To choose however we want it to be
And create all the magic we want to see

We’re perfect parts of each others creation
Brilliant extensions of our elation
We’re more than a mere manifestation
More like a convention of manifest intention

It’s all a dream of our construction
It’s all good, like tax deduction
Or like a really good film production

Did you know, there’s a pie in the sky
Did you know, there’s no real goodbye
Did you know, we can fly, you and I

We’re gonna make everything okay
There’s no limit to the power of our say
If we listen to our heart and stay
With the groove that it gives us day by day

Did you know, there’s a pie
Did you know, we can fly

©2010 by Caroline Waters. All Rights Reserved.