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Planetary Relief and Focused Intention

We are pummeled, on a daily basis now, with powerful images of the force of nature as She rains and shakes and shifts and overflows. We are also pummeled, on a daily basis, with powerful images of the force of people, as we unite in protest against tyranny and dictatorship, as we kill each other in the name of God and just cause, and as we cause major disasters in the name of capitalism and industrial progress.

The art of appreciation, focus and communication

How can we set the tone for a more harmonious co-creation? How can we empower each other to collaborate in the spirit of love? How can we allow ourselves to receive the good that abounds and let the energy of good vibrations reverberate into the world at large?

These are some of the main tools that help me stay focused and inspired:

Appreciation – Express what you appreciate as often as you can, in words and action, and bask in the feeling of that which you appreciate as you go about your day. Write it, sing it, speak it, show it in all kinds of ways you  can think of and watch how your perspective and the world around you transforms as a result.

Focus – Keep you eye on what it is you wish to accomplish, create, receive and avoid fear based distractions. Give your attention, time and energy to that which you love and want to see blossom and thrive. Do this with any scenario that has your attention and see what happens.

Communication – Share your strengths, vision and gifts in ways that gives you joy and feels good in your heart and soul. Ask for help when you need it and receive the love that abounds with open arms, also when it comes in unexpected ways.

These simple tools have helped me in more ways than I can describe. By keeping my eye on the ball, giving and receiving in the spirit of joy and heartfelt communication and practicing the art of appreciation as much as I can, I am able to stay positive and creative in the face of adversity and turmoil. By focusing on the positive aspects, I can see the beauty and creative potential in people and situations that otherwise would have scared me and inhibited my expression.

Here’s my song Did You Know as I performed it with cellist Erlend Habbestad at an amazing venue called Smöga in Sweden last summer:

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Sweet People

The Eurovision Song Contest
I watched The Eurovision Song Contest last night, for the first time in many years. It made me cry and laugh and dance and sing, mostly because it showed how such a large group of people, of the world, could be so easily united in music and dance.
Profound expression
It touched me deeply to witness the singer from Ukraine deliver such a profound expression of desire to heal this world that we are all part of. I wish she would have won, so the message of “our home” could be shared and felt by as many as possible. I also wish that we, in the not too distant future, can gather again and again to share our hopes and dreams and prayers through music and dance and other heartfelt expression, stripped down to the bone, where the heart can be fully visible.
Freedom to celebrate our diversity
I want for us to receive each other in forums where clothing and financial status simply doesn’t matter, and where the song in our hearts is what matters the most. Imagine places where we don’t have to use drugs or alcohol to keep out the industrialized impressions that fight to get our attention, where we are free to breathe and listen with our hearts. And perhaps more importantly, where we are free to celebrate each other for our individuality and diversity.

Bringing people together
This “song contest” used to be called “a melody festival” in the past in Norway.  I really liked those words… This event was created for the purpose of bringing together people from all different countries, coming together as one people, to celebrate our hearts in song. It really doesn’t matter who wins. It matters that we are all in it together, creating a space where the songs in our hearts can be heard and shared by many.

Let’s focus
Let’s not worry so much about what fashion statements are being made or what country can produce the flashiest show. Let’s focus on what unites us and inspires us to love.

Here’s the song, Sweet People, as sung by Alyosha from Ukraine:

In Love Always, Caroline

Exposed in a Vulcanic Eruption

I am so absolutely intrigued by what is happening in the world right now, particularly how mother nature is going about her business, with earthquakes and Tsunamies and vulcanic eruptions gallore. It seems that our carefully constructed plans to live our lives separately from the rhythms of the earth might have to be reconsidered. What power she has, this amazing being we live on and as part of! I mean, who else has the power to stop all air traffic in one fell swoop? We simply have no choice but to surrender. Personally, I like the thought of surrendering to a more mindful state of being, one where I live in tune with and truly honor the cycles and ebbs and flows of nature.

I am releasing, earth willing, no less than two CDs in the Norwegian marketplace on May 3rd, with a fabulous presentation at Cosmopolite Scene in concert with Aage Kvalbein tomorrow night, the very same day a big cloud of ashes is expected to enter the air space over Oslo… And then there’s this other possible eruption looming under the surface. Katla, which is overdue and usually follows in the footsteps of her little sister, if predictions come true, has the power to create more changes than any of us dare to imagine at the present moment.

I have plans to tour California this summer and all of the USA in the fall, but those plans are based on my ability to fly. Perhaps I’ll be taking the Queen Mary 2 instead and slow things down a bit? Or perhaps I’ll be stranded in Europe for a while? Regardless of what happens, I am eternally grateful to be living a life of music and healing. And I am excited to build my future in greater harmony with mother nature and the amazing love that connects us all!

If you’d like to catch the show, check out

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Managing Temperature Changes

These are challenging times for the world at large and for individuals such as redheads who are sensitive to changes in temperature. And, just to be clear, I am not comparing my measly challenges to the ones of the world at large. I am merely drawing a line from the global to the personal, in an attempt to gain perspective from where I stand.

Cleaning up my own mess

I am a great believer in cleaning up my own mess before I try to mess with other people’s mess:) I believe that when we create a healthy foundation for our own well being, so that the song in our hearts can come through as loudly and clearly as possible, we have that much more power to affect the world at large. As a matter of fact, I believe that the song in our hearts, when we allow it to really sing, in itself works as an energetic cleanser, which in turn heals and nurtures the wounds of the world in mysterious ways.

Energy Sufficiency

First step for me, in dealing with the climate crisis in the world at large, is to get myself as healthy and energy sufficient as possible; by taking long walks every day, eating healthy and simply, giving away that which I no longer need/ use to those who might need it, being mindful of what I acquire, by collaborating and sharing with others whenever possible and by cutting down on my own poisonous emissions. This includes my thinking and speaking.

It seems easier to cut down in Oslo than Los Angeles. For example, in Oslo I don’t need a car, because distances are shorter and public transportation works swimmingly. On the other hand, I have to deal with freezing cold weather. Today it has dipped below 14 degrees. The way that I cope with the cold weather is by walking faster, farther and harder and by dressing accordingly.

New Solutions

Climate changes requires new solutions. If I were to expect to continue my Los Angeles routines here in Oslo, I’d be sadly disappointed. Instead, I conform to what is available here, in the freezing cold. I eat the foods that are the most energy sufficient to the climate. And, instead of going to the gym, I get all the workout I need from walking to and from where I need to go every day. It is tempting at times, to jump into a warm taxicab. It is also tempting to eat junk food and chocolate. But I try to keep a high awareness about the result I want for my body and well being, knowing that I have a job to do in the world at large. Knowing that I really do want to make a difference, not only with my words and music, but with how I conduct and treat myself, as part of a much bigger organism.

Willingness to adapt

To my surprise, I have gained tremendous momentum from this drastic change in climate, simply because I have embraced the change with such a willingness to adapt and take advantage of the opportunity the change has presented. Believe me, I was not looking forward to loosing sixty degrees of comfort…

It is my hope and my vision, that we, as humanity, seize the opportunity that the current climate crisis gives to gain tremendous momentum in our physical, mental and spiritual health and awareness. Perhaps we can finally learn to see ourselves and each other as vital parts of a much larger organism? I certainly do:)

Here’s a song I wrote about being one with our amazing planet:

Words and Music by Caroline Waters

I am so amazingly in love

So remarkably connected

So nourished and protected

I can feel the earth sustaining me

Every heartbeat of the planet

Moving me in mystery

Coloring a rainbow trail

A highway of delicious moments

Calling me into the core

I am in ecstasy

In love with me

So thoroughly in awe

The intensity of beauty

Increasing as I breathe

I am a Goddess

In a world of awesome mystery

A reflection of divinity

An original epiphany of love

Flying on the wings of love