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Finding Venus in Norwegian

I am working hard every day now to get ready for and promote Jakten på Venus, which is the Norwegian version of the musical thriller, Finding Venus.

Jakten på Venus av og med Caroline Waters

Finding Venus
tells part of my life story, starting with highlights from my tomboy child star years, growing up in performance with my “Superstar Papa”, Per Asplin, and how the bicycle accident that sent me flying 28 feet through the air with a severed left leg served to bring my consciousness and being to a whole new level of existence.

I was 18. I landed on my nose. My lungs collapsed and filled up with water. Everything shut down. I went into the tunnel. I experienced the incredible beauty of the Light that is all knowing, all loving and connects us all in perfect harmony. Then two Light-Being-looking dudes stopped me and told me to return to the broken mess that used to be my body. They said I had a job to do. I refused, but to no avail.

It took four years to recover. Four roller coaster years of pain management, amnesia, post traumatic stress, pill addiction and a relentless search for identity, love and a sense of purpose. Throughout this time period, it was the music and desire to express myself that helped me win the battle agains feeling powerless and suicidal. That, and an angel named Esther.

Finding Venus also tells the humorous story of how I came out of the closet to an “ultra conservative family of supreme court lawyers and royal blood”. And it reveals how my desperate search for Stefanie Stroh, the only person I was able to remember after the accident, who vanished without a trace in the same area a notorious serial killer was operating, led to a surprising discovery.

If you happen to be in Oslo, Norway, on December 12-19, please join us at Elsker! If you happen to have peeps in Scandinavia who might enjoy and appreciate this musical adventure, please give them a heads up!

Jakten på Venus is starring:
Caroline Waters as Venus and on piano, guitar and percussion
Svein Fuglestad as Papa and Frank and Missionary Man
Odille Blerh as Mama and Esther &
Elisa Herbig on cello

Tickets and more at

The Infinite Wisdom of Cats

Early this morning, as the sun began to beam and stretch over the horizon, I was privy to a remarkable interaction between two beautiful black cats, sitting in the street across from my kitchen window. They seemed to be engaged in a very serious conversation about their relationship and took turns meowing and listening to each other.

After almost ten minutes of this rather extraordinary exhibit, an elderly gentleman in robe and slippers came out to fetch his newspaper in the driveway. The two love balls swiftly dashed under a parked car and came out flying on the other side, like a yin yang ball of fire, enmeshed in a furious embrace, rolling full speed across the street toward me. Then, with shocking elegance, they came to a complete Matrix stance, their respective coats in perfect shine, and began a staring contest that simply left me in awe.

What amazed me the most was that the energetic interaction between these two magnificent creatures seemed just as profound as any human interaction I have ever witnessed. They appeared to exhibit a deep love and respect for each other – and the ease in which they expressed their emotions was simply mind blowing.

The display of infinite wisdom in these animals served as a reminder for me to be present in the moment and in my body, – and to interact with others, fully present and in my body. Lately, I have been wrapped up in conflict resolution involving numerous analytical processes regarding what was said. Very silly, but quite automatic. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. And these two cats, in spite of the fact that I have no clue what they were saying to each other or what their issues might have been, totally helped me get out of my own way.

I feel like dedicating this blog post to my little Rascal, who used to help me get out of my own way on a daily basis when she was alive and well in this physical time and space reality. She was an amazing healer. Here’s a link to a music video we made together:

Rascal on top of the bookshelf

Orgasmic Proportions

Yes, I have made quite a commitment to myself for this new and amazing year. For no reason other than the feeling of it being deliciously inspiring and tantalizing, I decided to dedicate 2013 to bliss, in its most potent exposure.



Imagine the most delicious of all flavors embedded in each and every moment of being. Imagine holding, releasing, breathing, embracing, receiving and savoring the exquisite sensation of intentionally focused pure positive energy in every move, thought, word, note, pause and cadence.

The very notion of aligning my entire being, path, creations and interactions with the essence of this intensely focused yet amazingly reverberating and expansive energy is both thrilling and terrifying. It requires that I meet every single moment fully alive, fully present, completely receptive, heart wide open. It demands that I listen with all my senses and allow the well being of all that is to move me, without resistance, beyond ego, beyond comfort zones, into new, delicious and continually expanding consciousness.

Care to join me? Welcome to Vocal Freedom 2013!

All Love,

Creative Artistry Versus Senseless Killings

Today is the anniversary of a lonely man’s senseless killings in Norway. It is interesting to me how such an extreme expression can generate such interest for so many all over the world. What is it with us humans that make us pay so much more attention to a single act of violence than a multitude of loving gestures, such as healing and creative artistry?

Is it our survival instincts kicking in or an ancient thirst for blood? Or are we paying attention simply because we have already risen to a higher consciousness as society and are intrigued by those who appear to be stuck in past realms of being and interacting? Will their primitive sense of power dissipate as we loose interest and thus stop feeding them our fear based energy?

I am reading a wonderful book at the moment, titled “A Discovery of Witches“, written by Deborah Harkness. It’s an exploratory adventure of historical literature and alchemy, where witches, vampires and daemons are being forced to work together for the common good, and in the process, they are learning to respect and accept each others’ abilities and differences. Highly recommended!

For the next seven days, I’ll be staying at the House of Songs in Austin, Texas, thoroughly enjoying the amazing live music scene while enduring intense heat and humidity. The latter being not being the easiest task for a freckle faced Norwegian. Temporarily saved by the cool air conditioner at Starbucks, new songs are willing their way onto the paper in front of me, aided by the sweetness of my new love and the memory of the one I lost…

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Words and Music written by Caroline Waters.
©2012 by Caroline Waters. All Rights Reserved.

If you were here with me now
Would you tell me to swing low

Would you yell at me for dropping the ball
Would you smile at me for standing tall
Or would you just listen, sweet and tender
While I release it all in reckless surrender

Would you tell me to hurry or slow down instead
Would you ask me to come out and play outside of my head
If you were here with me now, somehow…
Would you ask me to swing low

Would you simply observe, in your usual way
Things that might appear to sway
Left of center, less than perfect, curiously odd at first
Seeing how the magic stay between the lines
Intensely increasing, like a vampire’s thirst

Would you smile like only you can do
And illuminate the room with your laughter
Would angels appear right next to you
Singing songs of the hereafter

Would I cry or laugh or count to ten
Or open wide to my perception
As you fill my heart all over again
With the knowing of our connection

Would you hold me in your gaze
Until I found my true existence
Or would you trust me with my own grace
To know the value of persistence

If you were here with me now
Would we let the curtain fall
Or would we simply be still
and savor, savor, savor the awe of it all

Finding Venus – Come Hell or High Waters

I’m not exactly sure why it took me so long to find the courage to share this particular story. It’s not like I haven’t shared at all, but my sharing has mostly consisted of blippets of life and carefully selected soundbites to illustrate an emotional journey that has left many questions unanswered.

Stilling the voices of fear
It has taken almost ten years to finish the process of writing this memoir. The writing itself didn’t take that long, but stilling the voices of fear and arriving at a point of feeling worthy of sharing it took lots and lots of processing.

Since I grew up as a child star and got ample validation for my performance, sharing myself in musical and theatrical ways have been much easier than sharing myself as a person. In many ways, I have hidden behind my artist image, carefully selecting the pieces that had “promotional value” for public display.

At this point in my career, all I really care about is to share my truth and being in ways that will empower and build bridges of love, tolerance and understanding. And, in order to do that, I need to be as real and honest as I possibly can.

Finding Venus – Come Hell or High Waters is the true story of how I managed to recover and come back to life after the near death accident that left me with temporary brain damage, amnesia and enhanced psychic abilities.

During this time, Stefanie Stroh, the only person I felt any kind of connection to after the accident, disappeared in the Nevada desert in the same area the notorious serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells operated. My search for her was instrumental in bringing me back to a sense of Self and purpose.

Many layers
This story has many layers: In addition to describing the transformational journey of healing from amnesia and post traumatic stress, it is also a testimonial to how I found my identity as a human being, how I dared to come out of the closet as a sexual being and how I managed to embrace life from a whole new perspective.

Since I also have written songs that go hand in glove with this particular journey, Finding Venus – Come Hell or High Waters is also being transformed into a 90-minute musical stage performance, which I am currently preparing to showcase in Oslo, New York and Los Angeles. I am terrified, to tell you the truth, of putting myself out there is this manner. And, at the same time, I am excited to finally let the cat out of the bag and share this powerful adventure of transformation and healing.

Consciousness expanding activities
If you or anyone you know have ever experienced trauma to the brain, loss of identity, amnesia, performance pressure, challenges in relationship to parental opinions, enhanced psychic abilities, paranormal activity, post traumatic stress or other consciousness expanding activities, you might find this musical particularly intriguing, comforting and empowering.

Sharing the love
It is my desire to share the love that I experienced throughout this powerful healing transformation in ways that will entertain, humor, enlighten, delight and give hope for the future.

Please stay tuned for show dates and more info at

Here’s a taste:)

Nurturing the Child Within

How I broke the cycle of codependency

About seven years ago, I found myself sitting in the sofa in my living room, unable to move, feeling completely helpless. Long story short, I was heartbroken from having invested a big chunk of myself into a relationship with an addict. And as a result of repeatedly not heading the deafening warning bells, I had tricked myself into believing that this person could provide me with the nurture that I needed, eventually, if I just loved them well enough. And as I sat there, as the walls of my illusion came crashing down, leaving me freezing cold and naked to the bone, all I wanted to do was cry for my mom to pick me up. Except Mom was long gone and I had no more brilliant solutions to keep me afloat on that big river in Egypt. It was over.

As I sat there, feeling the excruciating magnitude of my loneliness, without moving to fix it, the feeling intensified to the point where I thought I was going to die. And as I let myself fully embrace the death of me in that moment, a shift happened. That very moment is when I learned to nurture myself from the inside. I got up from the sofa, sat down by the grand piano and began to sing, “It’s gonna be alright you know, little angel. It’s gonna be alright you know, little angel of mine.” I finished the whole song in less than half and hour, and to this day, it is one of my favorite tunes.

Little Angel to the Movies

Little Angel was just picked up to be in the final scene going into the end credits in a movie called, Next of Kin, and can also be found on the Venus Envy CD. I have enclosed the song for your listening pleasure and the lyrics, so you can sing along:)

Love and Blessings, Caroline

Little Angel by Caroline Waters (Get the CD)

It’s gonna be alright, you know, little angel
It’s gonna be alright, you know, little angel of mine

I’ll hold you close and I’ll keep you warm
Cause I love you so, little angel of mine

No one’s gonna hurt you now, little angel
No one’s gonna hurt you now, little angel of mine
I’m gonna take care of you, little angel
I’m gonna take care of you, little angel of mine

I’ll be your mom and I’ll keep you from harm
Till the end of time, little angel of mine

You’ll never be alone again, little angel
You’ll never be alone again, little angel of mine
It’s gonna be alright, you know, little angel
It’s gonna be alright, you know, little angel of mine

I’ll keep you safe and I’ll let you cry
Then I’ll see you fly, little angel of mine

It’s gonna be alright, you know, little angel
It’s gonna be alright, you know, little angel of mine

Being Venus

The secret to attracting a new lover:

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try to accomplish something new, you seem to run in the same circles, attract the same kind of people and make all the same mistakes? It is the strangest thing… You think you have learned from your experience, have a solid vision of what you want to achieve and have a pretty good attitude about moving forward. And then, before you now it, you get slammed with some annoying mirror image from the past.

The experts tell us that our conscious experience is primarily governed by the subconscious mind. This means that we need to reprogram our subconscious mind to cause real changes in our lives. This can be done in many different ways. One way is to keep thinking better feeling thoughts about any given subject and thus gradually move up the vibrational scale until we meet our goals. The better we feel about what we want to accomplish, the more in line we are, energetically, with our desires, the more likely we are to succeed.

The most commonly known method to speed up this process is hypnotherapy. Another, not as well known but, in my opinion, equally effective method is through the power of music. Since we are, essentially, seeking to change the vibration of our thought patterns, music, being one of the purest forms of vibration, is an excellent way to powerfully affect our subconscious. Think about the songs that put you in a really good mood and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. For many of us, it feels even more amazing to sing and dance along with those songs. Imagine how you would feel if you were to write a song about exactly what you want to attract, and to sing and dance that song until you become the song itself. How would that make you feel? Pretty good, yes?:)

Venus Envy

How I came to embody Venus, the Goddess of Love

I had just given an intimate concert at the Water Lily Cafe in Topanga Canyon, when a dear friend approached me. She said, “Caroline, how come almost all of your songs are about unrequited love? I sense this incredible longing in you for a romantic partner. Are you happy?” I didn’t know what to say at first. Was I happy? I was working a lot, for sure, and feeling a tremendous amount of satisfaction in all my creative endeavors. But it was also true that I was feeling an intense yearning for a partner. “I’m not sure how to go about attracting a new lover,” I said. “It seems like I keep meeting people who are emotionally unavailable in one way or another.” My friend laughed. “And that surprises you?” she said. “Just listen to the words you are singing. You are a powerful creator, Caroline, and seem to be manifesting exactly what your songs are about. Why don’t you write some new material, about what you really want, and write as if it is already a reality? I bet you’re gonna notice a big shift.”

That same evening, I wrote the song that was not only going to bring me my new lover, but also an amazing record producer named Greg Matheson, a great new solo album and a license deal that landed me on a compilation CD with Dianna Krall, Norah Jones and Natalie Cole. As you may have already guessed from the headline, here’s the song I’m talking about: I Am Venus

Embodying Venus has been the most powerful decision I have made in my life and career. As a result of identifying with the Goddess of Love, I have come to love and appreciate myself, life itself and every single being I encounter with greater joy and intensity than I ever could imagine. My perspective of the world at large has also shifted dramatically, as it has become clear to me how we create our own reality and how easy it is to make it better. I just love how this stuff works! Try it sometime, if you haven’t already:)

Love and Blessings, Caroline

PS. If you’d like to sing along with I Am Venus, you can click on the link above, and here are the lyrics:

I AM VENUS (CD available at

I am Venus, I am love, I am sugar from above

I am temptation, gratification, mystification and revelation of all

I am Venus, I am love, I am sugar from above

I am sensation, unification, the inspiration and destination of all

I am milk, I am honey, I am better than your money

I am milk, I am honey, I am

I am milk, I am honey, I am better than your money

I am milk, I am honey, I am, I am

I am Venus, I am love, I am sugar from above

I am temptation, gratification, mystification and destination of all

I am heat and desire, I am dance in the fire

I am an ocean, always in motion, I am devotion, uh, a locomotion of all

I am milk, I am honey, I am better than your money

I am milk, I am honey, I am

I am milk, I am honey, I am better than your money

I am milk, I am honey, I am, I am