Concerts & Seminars

After several sold-out concerts in Sweden and Norway, promoting the 25th anniversary edition of Compassion, Norwegian country artist Tove Bøygard’s new release and celebrating the Finding Venus adventure, Caroline Waters is back in the US to secure funding and production collaboration for her upcoming book, album, musical and movie. More info at

Thank you, all who received Caroline’s most recent performances in New York, Ithaca, King City, Monkey Island and Hudson Beach with such joyous enthusiasm!

Stay tuned for release dates and show times at at

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To hire Caroline as Entertainer, Composer, Vocal Freedom Coach or Keynote Speaker for your event, send an email to or call Redhead Records at +1 (310) 650-7649 for bookings in the USA  and +47 911 95 887 for bookings in Europe.

More info via

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