SETH RIGGS: “I can without a doubt say that Caroline Waters has one of the greatest vocal potentials I have ever heard coming out of Europe. She is a real contemporary artist, far superior to the stars out there today.”

SUE RANEY: “I was immediately impressed with the sound of her voice – the interpretation of song and her extraordinary gift of vocal ability and musicianship. She is an exceptional artist who will be a true musical gift and contribution to the arts of our country.”

IAN ADAMS: “I would place her in the foremost rank among the singers of the world with a voice and talent comparable to those of pop stars Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, and classical performer Maria Calas. Her performing versatility is truly amazing.”

CARYN STARDANCER: “The beauty of her voice, the rich ensemble arrangements, and her lyricism weave a dream-catcher hammock which rocks and cradles me between childhood and the compassionate nurture of my adult recovery.”

PEOPLE MAGAZINE: “My God what a powerful voice!”

VG: “Sexy, tough and sensual. An incredibly beautiful voice with a remarkably large register…Hats off!”

AFRICAN AMERICAN IMAGE PRESS: “The beauty of texture and phrase displayed by Caroline is a vocal phenomenon. In the array of musical talents, like a new word, Caroline Waters is like a fresh seed planted on the ground of the discussion.”

NOHOLA MEGAZINE: “Her voice has a greater passion, quality and strength than the majority of famed divas (such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion), as she draws the power of Sheena Easton and the ethereal beauty of Tori Amos and Enya…Waters vivid Nordic fantasy-life is portrayed through an intense beat, expressive use of falsetto a la Kate Bush, and again, fantastic lyrics.”

LA SPLASH MAGAZINE: “With professionally produced original grooves and street-wise beats laying the foundation for her socially conscious and deeply introspective lyrical style, it seems Caroline has found a way to connect with anyone and everyone…Moving from hip-hop to latin jazz and even to a violin solo inn the midst of a bouncy R&B number, Caroline Waters is a talented multi-faceted artist not to be overlooked.”

KVINNER OG KLÆR: “We’re in a popular nightclub in Oslo. An amazon in a mini-skirt and flaming red hair enters the stage, hits a chord on her guitar, and sings: I don’t wanna be your sugar baby, I don’t wanna be your slave in paradise. The tones rise and fall. Her voice comes from deep within her core and soul, first with intense joy, next in dark melancholia. The audience applauds and scream: MORE! Caroline tears off her jacket, lifts her arms over her head, kicks the beat with the most solid boots ever seen at Smuget and roars: I wanna live, I wanna live right, I wanna love, I wanna love right, I wanna do what is right for me.”

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