ISABELLE OLIVER: “Working with Caroline is a much different experience, because she is also a deeply intuitive healer. Caroline’s Vocal Freedom is a holistic approach to artist development. She listens (intently) to who I am, and what I want to achieve much more than any other vocal teacher I’ve had. Her professional expertise and talent is off the charts and speaks for itself. Vocal FREEDOM is precisely what I am getting from my training with Caroline. I have never felt so free to explore, play and create with my voice. I trust her, and am finally having the experience of finding and creating this aspect of my creative expression.”

JULIA OTHMER: “For any of you who might be interested in becoming a better singer or learning vocal technique, may I introduce you to Caroline Waters: She is an incredible human – kind, heart-forward, present, engaged. She is also an amazing musician, vocalist, songwriter and TEACHER. I am studying voice with her to increase my range, stamina and versatility (and LEARN how to sing safely). During our first session, she quickly focused in on how I could improve. Doing the vocal exercises she gave me (almost) everyday, I am seeing a big difference in just a few months. I am more relaxed, singing, and have greater trust in my voice. This is a big deal for me as I am used to associating a certain amount of pain and damage with singing, as I have sung incorrectly FOR YEARS. I look forward to practicing every day and joining her on Zoom sessions for my lessons. I recommend her HIGHLY.”

RUTI CELLI: “Caroline Water’s approach to my vocal training seemed very “down to the core”… She Stripped everything down to my most basic human feelings & emotions and asked me to make sure that they came across convincing and clear no matter what. Amazing challenge and powerful point.”

SETH RIGGS: “I can without a doubt say that Caroline Waters has one of the greatest vocal potentials I have ever heard coming out of Europe. She is a real contemporary artist, far superior to the stars out there today.”

SUE RANEY: “I was immediately impressed with the sound of her voice – the interpretation of song and her extraordinary gift of vocal ability and musicianship. She is an exceptional artist who will be a true musical gift and contribution to the arts of our country.”

IAN ADAMS: “I would place her in the foremost rank among the singers of the world with a voice and talent comparable to those of pop stars Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, and classical performer Maria Calas. Her performing versatility is truly amazing.”

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