Sweet People

The Eurovision Song Contest
I watched The Eurovision Song Contest last night, for the first time in many years. It made me cry and laugh and dance and sing, mostly because it showed how such a large group of people, of the world, could be so easily united in music and dance.
Profound expression
It touched me deeply to witness the singer from Ukraine deliver such a profound expression of desire to heal this world that we are all part of. I wish she would have won, so the message of “our home” could be shared and felt by as many as possible. I also wish that we, in the not too distant future, can gather again and again to share our hopes and dreams and prayers through music and dance and other heartfelt expression, stripped down to the bone, where the heart can be fully visible.
Freedom to celebrate our diversity
I want for us to receive each other in forums where clothing and financial status simply doesn’t matter, and where the song in our hearts is what matters the most. Imagine places where we don’t have to use drugs or alcohol to keep out the industrialized impressions that fight to get our attention, where we are free to breathe and listen with our hearts. And perhaps more importantly, where we are free to celebrate each other for our individuality and diversity.

Bringing people together
This “song contest” used to be called “a melody festival” in the past in Norway.  I really liked those words… This event was created for the purpose of bringing together people from all different countries, coming together as one people, to celebrate our hearts in song. It really doesn’t matter who wins. It matters that we are all in it together, creating a space where the songs in our hearts can be heard and shared by many.

Let’s focus
Let’s not worry so much about what fashion statements are being made or what country can produce the flashiest show. Let’s focus on what unites us and inspires us to love.

Here’s the song, Sweet People, as sung by Alyosha from Ukraine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AvMJueiCyo

In Love Always, Caroline

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