Exposed in a Vulcanic Eruption

I am so absolutely intrigued by what is happening in the world right now, particularly how mother nature is going about her business, with earthquakes and Tsunamies and vulcanic eruptions gallore. It seems that our carefully constructed plans to live our lives separately from the rhythms of the earth might have to be reconsidered. What power she has, this amazing being we live on and as part of! I mean, who else has the power to stop all air traffic in one fell swoop? We simply have no choice but to surrender. Personally, I like the thought of surrendering to a more mindful state of being, one where I live in tune with and truly honor the cycles and ebbs and flows of nature.

I am releasing, earth willing, no less than two CDs in the Norwegian marketplace on May 3rd, with a fabulous presentation at Cosmopolite Scene in concert with Aage Kvalbein tomorrow night, the very same day a big cloud of ashes is expected to enter the air space over Oslo… And then there’s this other possible eruption looming under the surface. Katla, which is overdue and usually follows in the footsteps of her little sister, if predictions come true, has the power to create more changes than any of us dare to imagine at the present moment.

I have plans to tour California this summer and all of the USA in the fall, but those plans are based on my ability to fly. Perhaps I’ll be taking the Queen Mary 2 instead and slow things down a bit? Or perhaps I’ll be stranded in Europe for a while? Regardless of what happens, I am eternally grateful to be living a life of music and healing. And I am excited to build my future in greater harmony with mother nature and the amazing love that connects us all!

If you’d like to catch the show, check out

Love and Blessings, Caroline

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