Purpose, Gratitude and The Soul of Money

I have spent some time lately contemplating the purpose of what I do for a living. Some people argue that I should be making more money doing what I do. Some wonder why I am not making millions and living in some fancy mansion. For some reason, they aquate creative success with bling and stash. And, seeing that I am being fairly successful in the creative and performative department, they are surprised to find that I live such a down to earth lifestyle.

Here’s the thing, though. Although I write and perform words and music for a living, and always appreciate a generous exchange, I don’t do it for the money. I do it because it is a calling. I do it because I believe that I can change the world for the better by using the talent that I have been given as best as I can and follow my bliss. And I also believe that when we show up consistently and do the work that is required of us in order to follow our bliss, all else will follow. No exceptions.

The truth is, my desire is not to have millions or live in some fancy mansion. My desire is to simply do what I do and have sufficient income to sustain my life and my creativity, so that I can continue to tell my stories and sing and teach and write and create good vibrations  in the world at large. At this very moment, I am ecstatically happy and perfectly content. I am so grateful that I get to do what I do and I am thrilled that I have a fairly simple and down to earth life to go with it.

For example, I prefer walking, hiking, cross country skiing and riding my bike to motorized transportations. I prefer sharing a pot of tea or a bottle of red wine from Trader Joe’s in the company of beloved friends to fancy parties in grown-up clothing. I don’t have a clue why people make such a fuzz over fashion, hair dues, shoes and accessories. And I prefer small cosy homes to stone cold mansions.

I read a brilliant book about money called “The Soul of Money”. The book is written by Lynne Twist and talks about the true value of money and how we can think of it and use it in the most rewarding of ways. Lynne worked side by side with Mother Theresa for over ten years and has single handedly raised more than a hundred million dollars for charitable causes. In the book, she talks about sufficiency versus abundance and how we can change the world by replacing greed with generosity. She talks about how money, just like water, will become poisonous if there is no movement, if it simply collects in one place, and how it will not only gain momentum, but gain value as well, as it flows.

I am so grateful that I am able to be completely satisfied in the moment, as I am, perfectly imperfect, in progress yet complete, with powerful dreams and aspirations leading the way. I am truly, truly happy for my life, for the beautiful angels that continue to grace my path, for every obstacle that inspires new creativity and for the world I live in, which grows more fascinating every second. Do you realize how much good there is to be done, how many opportunities to love, to create, to sing, to dance, to listen, to embrace, to savor, to cry, to let go, to be all the amazing things that we are to ourselves and to each other?

Thank you for being part of my life, my journey and my music. Thank you for reading this! Do you know what a difference you make in my life? In the lives of each and every person you talk to, listen to or touch in any way, simply with your being? YOU make a difference, no matter how much money you make or spend. Don’t forget it. I sometimes forget, but  this serves as a good reminder;)

Love and Blessings,

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