Vocal Freedom Testimonial by Julia Othmer

I was so deeply moved and honoured to receive such a heartfelt testimonial from beautiful and brilliant singer/ songwriter and pianist, Julia Othmer, that I had to share with all of you. To see and hear the amazing video she recorded, which includes some of her amazing performance, please click on the link below the photo. Love Always, Caroline

Hello my name is Julia Othmer and I have been a student of Caroline Waters for almost two years now. And in that time I have seen a huge transformation in my voice. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. I’ve had an expansion of my range in both the top and bottom end. I have so much more ease when I’m performing. I’m so much more relaxed. 

Within the notes that I do have I also have a much broader palate of textures and colours at the various points of my voice that allow me to have a greater range of expression. And Caroline as a teacher is phenomenal. She’s very conscious and conscientious in the way that she speaks. She listens very deeply. Very much responding to your request as a singer as to what you would like your voice to transform into. 

You know, in the past, I would sing my heart out. And I wouldn’t know if I would have a voice the next day. I often was fatigued and it hurt to sing. And since I’ve been studying with Caroline all of that have just completely shifted. I can still hit these huge notes, well, even bigger notes than normal. And it feels really good. And I’m pretty positive I’m going to have a full voice the next day and the next day and the next. 

The stamina that I’ve been able to accrue has been fantastic. It has all been so incredibly liberating to me. Just to have so much more ease and comfort and be som much more relaxed in singing. Something that always has this kind of intensity to it. The intensity now is coming purely from the emotion. Nothing from the technical aspect if it. 

And, you know, the greatest gift in life is to be able to have an amazing teacher. And I am 100% sure of Caroline being exactly that. And I have tremendous gratitude that I get to be her student. So, sign up for some lessons!”

Click HERE to see and hear Julia Othmer’s Vocal Freedom Testimonial video.

For more information, go to www.carolinewaters.com/vocal-freedom

To schedule your session(s), send an email to voice@carolinewaters.com

4 responses to “Vocal Freedom Testimonial by Julia Othmer

  1. That’s wonderful, Caroline! Awesome endorsement.


  2. What a wonderful endorsement of your skill and talent, Caroline! Congratulations!


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