When it Rains, Savour the Water

I am currently quarantining at a fabulous place called Bjelland in Norway. This 10-day quarantine, once completed, allows me to complete a small concert tour of Norway. For those who cannot make it in person, we have chosen to stream the last concert live on Facebook.

The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year in Norway. And most days it has been raining. Today was no exception. I did, however, discover a small window of a break from the down-pouring earlier in the day. Naturally, I hurried outside to move my body, catch a glimpse of nature and breathe some fresh air.

As I came upon an old gravel road that would take me into the woods, I saw cascades of water tumbling down the green forest hillsides, trickling into small brooks, weaving their way through gravel and moss, creating a symphony of soothing, healing nature sound. This sound, this music, lifted my spirits and opened my heart to an abundance of gratitude. And it got me thinking:

We who hail from colder weather, where winters are dark and moisture abounds, we often long for summer, sunshine and sandy beaches. We complain about the rain and the cold and the dark. We wish we were in some exotic, Mediterranean place. We forget how blessed we are. Because we grew up this way, we take for granted that we always have plenty of clean, fresh, mineral rich water, to drink, to cook with, to clean with, to bathe in, to shower in, to listen to, to enjoy.

As I continued taking in the immense beauty and power of the running water that surrounded me, I began to notice the vibrancy of the trees, the moss, the leaves, the grass and even the rocks that were caressed so thoroughly by it. I could feel the life force surging through the forest floor, the ground I was standing on, connecting heaven and earth in perfect synchronicity. It felt so good. Arriving back at my quarantine apartment, I felt rejuvenated and fully alive, my heart and soul overflowing with joyous appreciation, truly savouring my life and the water that sustains it.

The moral of the story: Open to receive and savour the gift that each day presents, come rain or come shine. Each element has the power to move and connect us to that place where we can let our hearts sing.

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