Clear Your Space – Free Your Creativity!

The Effort to Begin

How easy is it to procrastinate in the face of anything that needs organizing, in my case, boxes that need unpacking? I open the first box, peak inside and freeze as the thought of all the content in all the boxes comes tumbling into my mind. “This is going to take forever!”, “Where is it all going to fit?” and “Do I really want to do this now?” are sentences that appear in quick succession. So, I close the box, walk into the kitchen, make myself toast, a cup of tea and plop my buttocks in front of the TV.

I feel the relief for a little while, then guilt for being a lazy ass, knowing all too well those boxes will not magically unpack themselves while I watch multiple episodes of Law & Order. Getting started is the hardest part.

The Rewards of Taking Action

As I decide to take action, one box at a time, carefully discarding/ putting aside paper and stuff for Good Will as I go, I feel tremendously relieved and proud of my accomplishment. As I finish, after taking my time to find the best possibly place for each item, I am exhausted but satisfied. The house feels good. The energy feels good. And my mind has opened to a tremendous flow of creative impulses.

Creative Freedom

Clearing and organizing my space not only feels good in terms of every day living and working. It also creates space in my mind for new thoughts and ideas to grow and play and expand. When tools, papers, programs and gadgets are easily accessed and neatly placed, being creative can be amazingly easy and fun.

Julia Cameron talks about “putting the drama on the page” in her amazing book, The Artist Way. This is of course easier to do when the drama is out of the way or at least organized in some fashion or another.

The Drama on the Page

I am in the midst of writing the manuscript for a musical thriller, titled “Finding Venus – Come Hell or High Waters!” Getting to this point has taken years of therapy, life, love and processing in all kinds of ways. The story is deeply personal and powerful songs have emerged as a result. And here’s the interesting part…

When I resist the creative flow and try to hide from my story, the drama projects itself into my present life, in ways that only serve to delay, distract and irritate. And when I actually dare to put the drama on the page in its pure and honest form, no matter how scary it is to begin the process, my life is put in perspective – in a way that makes sense and feels empowering and fun.

So, “Finding Venus” it is – “Come Hell or High Waters!”

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